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Tampa Bay's Mobile  

Dustless Sand Blasting

and Resurfacing  


Our fully functional trailers allow us to be fully mobile and come to you on your time 


Our eco-friendly process uses recycled bottle glass that is not only good for the environment, but is OSHA compliant as well 

Fast and Efficient 

We are always on time and get the job done right the first time, this means less downtime for you

What is Dustless Sandblasting ?

Little to No Dust Plume 

The dust suppressed process keeps all nearby areas free from debris and allows workers in the surrounding areas to keep working safely.

We Work With All Surfaces 

From Steel, Aluminum, Stone, Brick, Wood and even Fiberglass we can work on it all.


Coatings? What Coatings

The Dustless Sandblaster can remove everything from anti-fouling paint, to body filler, to epoxy, to powder coating and even graffiti off buildings.


The Future of Surface Prep.



Perfect for the automotive industry because there is no heat or friction from the blast due to the water used in the process, so no need to worry about warping! Blasts away paint, rust, body filler, powder coating, and chrome in one step.   


Safe for any boat from steel to aluminum and even fiberglass, we can handle it with no warping or damage to the substrate. from anti-fouling paint, to epoxy, to heavy marine growth we have got you covered. 


From pool tile to pool decks we do it all and our recycled bottle glass we use is not only non-toxic and eco friendly but perfect for everything from restoring the stone around your pool to clearing out pebble lined pools. 


Our Dustless Sandblasting uses water that suppresses sparks, static electricity, and dust which makes us OSHA compliant. We can work around you and not effect your day to day operations, so there is no need for a shutdown. We can efficiently take off paint, rust, grease, and any surface coatings for you with no pre-wash. 

Heavy Machinery

Our industrial strength dustless sandblaster handles any ultra thick paint with ease but is still gentle on your equipment because there is no heat or friction in our process so no warping. Our fast and efficient dustless sandblasting has minimal cleanup allowing you to get back to work faster!

Graffiti Removal 

Dustless Sandblasting is ideal for brick, stone, and even wood because the pressure and flow is adjustable and perfect for bringing all surfaces back to life. From Brick buildings to bridges our eco-friendly process allows us to work in any urban environment without containment. 



Veteran owned and operated, we are Tampa Bay natives with over 10 years experience in the industry. We take pride in getting the job done right the first time fast and efficiently to lower your down time. Satisfaction guaranteed! The Dustless Sandblaster is eco-friendly and wont cause any harm to a surface except to remove the materials you want gone.  


Call us today and get away from the mess of traditional sandblasting and experience the

East Coast Eco-Blast difference today! 

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